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Take the bus journey to "Applandia", and discover the benefits of HP's APM solutions.

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An interactive asset showcasing the benefits of HP's Application Performance Management solutions, highlighting how the service can benefit a typical real-world user.

I tech-led the project for UNIT9, leading a team varying from 4-6 developers. I was responsible for all technical decisions, workload and developer management, as well as representing the project tech in all interactions with agency and end client. I was also responsible for coding the core app architecture.

The site is a fully responsive, single-page application. Built on Backbone, jQuery, Underscore, CoffeeScript, Sass. Data is served from a custom, fully localisable CMS, serving static JSON over a REST API.

The site uses a subtle parallax effect on all pages, based on mouse position on desktop, and gyroscope data on any device that has one. It also relies on a number of JS plugins, such as TweenLite, Spin JS and Hammer JS, amongst others.


  • Client
  • HP
  • Agency
  • Doremus SF
  • Production Company
  • UNIT9
  • Producers
  • Emma Willis
  • Alessandro Pula
  • Creative
  • Takayoshi Kishimoto
  • Dirk Van Ginkel
  • Design
  • Karol Goreczny
  • Steven Mengin
  • UX
  • Laura Cortes
  • Technical lead
  • Neil Carpenter
  • Frontend developers
  • Michal Kleszcz
  • Christian Bianchini
  • Marcin Lichwala
  • Andy Kenward
  • Backend developer
  • Krzysztof Skoracki