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Slick, clean and full-featured responsive site for artist management agency.

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I was tasked by Ikon Arts Management to redesign their existing site, and build a new CMS to allow greater flexibility and scalability for the site going forwards.

I was wholly responsible for the design, UX, content migration and front and back end builds.

The site is built on the HTML5 boilerplate, using Sass. Site assets comiled using CodeKit. The front end uses various jQuery plugins - ReplaceText, Easing, Debounced resize.

Fonts are Futura PT and Garamond Premier Pro Caption served by TypeKit. Icons are a custom icon-font, sourced and compiled from various collections on IcoMoon.

CMS is WordPress, extended with various custom scripts and plugins, most notably Advanced Custom Fields. The site uses the Twitter API to pull in latest Tweets.