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Responsive, single-page site product site for Lurpak UK.

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Redesign / rebuild of Lurpak's UK site - by Outside Line.

I led the front end development for the site, in a team of 3 developers.

The site is a single-page, fully responsive, AJAX-powered site - using History API and degrading to full-page reloads in older browsers. It makes heavy use of CSS for page transitions and interactions. Uses a few JS plugins - Spin.js, Debounced resize, Replace text, Uniform. Code compiled using CodeKit.


  • Client
  • Lurpak UK
  • Agency
  • Outside Line / Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Design
  • Daniela Estevez
  • Frontend developers
  • Neil Carpenter
  • Claire King
  • Backend developer
  • Christopher Binkiewicz