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City Group - Manchester City FC

A complete online overhaul of one of the world's most well known sports teams.

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Code and Theory took the lead for the creative strategy, user experience, visual design and front end development of the new Man City online platform.

The end result is a fully responsive, realtime data driven, video first experience.

The site is a fully responsive server-rendered application, which uses a custom Backbone-based JS framework to progressively enhance the site in to a single-page application. We also built a Node.js (express) application to preview all page templates that had been built, as well as a consolidated component library and mock API.

My role as tech director was to setup the initial application architecture, as well as building out some of the key sections / pages of the site. I created the custom Backbone-based app which renders the site, and the express preview app. I was also responsible for client / project / team management over the course of the build.

The site has a number of custom third-party integrations, such as the integration of bespoke creative ads served via Google DfP, user account authentication and management via Gigya, and most notably a custom video experience powered by Brightcove.


  • Client
  • City Group
  • Agency
  • Code and Theory
  • Producer
  • Drini Xhiha
  • Associate UX Director
  • Rufus Kahler
  • UX designers
  • Katrina Stubbings
  • Andras Oravecz
  • Associate Creative Director
  • Tomi Lahdesmaki
  • Art Directors
  • Rich Stangroom
  • Gus Webster
  • Technical Director
  • Neil Carpenter
  • Frontend developers
  • Ian McGregor
  • Andreas Hermansson
  • Alex Coady
  • Vincent Roman
  • Backend development
  • EPAM
  • QA